Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Big Thing for Small Gardens

We all love roses here at GMG, especially ones that are low-maintenance, easy to care for and look great throughout the season. This spring we'll be planting some of the new Drift Roses from The Conard-Pyle Co., introducer of the famous Knock Out family of roses, in our new test garden.

A cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniatures, Drift Roses offer delicate, double flowers and continuous blooming throughout the season. With exceptional disease resistance and winter hardiness, these low-maintenance beauties are the perfect choice for small gardens or along paths and walkways. Plus they combine wonderfully with perennials intermixed with other upright shrubs like coreopsis, veronicas or lambs ear and even hostas. Try the new Apricot Drift and Sweet Drift roses for non-stop color from spring until fall!

And don't forget to check out Conard-Pyle's full line of Star Roses, Star Plants and Knock Out Roses at www.conard-pyle.com.

Happy Planting,



Anonymous said...

oh they look so pretty and delicate!

Chris Remembers His Roses said...

Hello there fellow rose lover! Nice looking flower there. I think I had something that looks like that years ago.

I used to have roses in all sorts of colors, but they all eventually died on me. I still can't bring myself to get roses again.