Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Geohumus® Retains and Releases More Water

Want to try Geohumus® -- a completely different “water-holding” polymer product from any other on the market? It's all natural and made from volcanic rock & organic polymers.

Unlike slimmy, chemical jelly absorbents, plant roots are really attracted to these organic ingredients and readily absorb water from Geomumus when they need it.

The sponge-like granulate is odorless and retains its structural stability in the soil together with its high water absorption and release capacity.

The key benefit of Geohumus® is that it provides more plant available water over an extended period of time, compared to soils without Geohumus®. And it's very easy to apply.

In addition to having better water holding and release characteristics, its natural minerals can have a positive effect on soil condition properties and overall plant health.

It is manufactured in Germany where it's won numerous awards.

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