Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Forget the Chocolate ... Think Garden Goodies

Need a great gift idea this Valentine's Day for your garden lover? Here are a few top picks from our trendspotter Suzi McCoy.

1) "My Heart is in the Garden" cast stone birdbath -- versatile and lasting gifts are trendy for this year. Don't have the space? A small heart and large heart birdbath/container are also available. Visit Campania for a complete selection of beautiful garden accessories.

2) Roll out the welcome mat. Literally. Simply adorable mats -Pick from eight designs -- a timely eco message of “Save the Planet” simply stated against a blue-green world and Gandhi’s “Be the Change” credo in warm, earth tones. There is even a tie dye mat for Uncle Jerry. See more at Imports Unlimited.

3) Orchids speak volumes with their simplicity and beauty. When roses seem over the top and trite -- let your valentine wrap their head around the universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. A pink orchid signifies pure affection. Think orchids are hard? Visit Easy Care Orchids for the true scoop! 

4) Not big on space? Give The Simple Garden to a budding gardener in your life! All you need is water! The Simple Garden is a kit that includes the container, soil and seeds! Learn more at Fertile Earth.

5) Give something racy! Like an orchid, an anthurium speaks volumes! Hey, live a little! 

Besides giving gifts this year - give plants. One great gift is a consult with a landscape designer. Get the garden of your Valentine's dreams started by visiting http://www.apld.org/ to find one near you.

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