Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look what Dan Maffei, APLD, created for Longwood

The Education Department at Longwood Gardens commissioned our good friend Dan Maffei, APLD, to create a garden to enable their students enrolled in the Professional Gardener Training Program (“PG” for short) to apply theories learned in the landscape design curriculum in an actual garden.

According to Dan, the goal of the design was to create an “ephemeral garden”, similar to a show garden such as Chaumont or Cornerstone where student design teams can implement their creations for public display from April through November. Placed in what is now known as the Example Garden, the PG Student Garden will occupy a 7,300 sq ft area with pathways to the surrounding gardens, an informal central plaza with stone seat wall for impromptu outdoor lectures and workshops, and plantings designed to frame the student’s work without competing for the attention of the visitor.
Ornamental plantings around the perimeter of the space are primarily native species intended to screen adjacent parking areas and to mitigate stormwater runoff through a vegetated swale and moisture tolerant plants such as Magnolia virginiana, Clethra alnifolia and Ilex verticillata.
The garden installation is underway and students should begin planting their creations in April 2010.To see images of the students and the designs they prepared for this garden, visit the W.D. Wells Fan Page album on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

That looks cool! I cant wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

oh, and, I had to look up "ephemeral." thanks for my word of the day!

Anonymous said...

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The question is, that landscape architecture is not a thing that can be changed each semester, so, how different courses will be able to use it? Like, plants aren't work that way, no?

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