Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peter Talks Up Outdoor Pest Solutions on Big Blend Radio

Peter Pape, vice president of sales and marketing, The Liquid Fence Company joins Lisa Smith on Big Blend Radio 8:05 Wednesday Aug 26 to talk about keeping your outdoor celebrations pest free.

I'm sure he'll be talking about YardNet and Ultimate Insect Repellent. The reports from my friends and colleagues are these are the best for keeping away insects! Period. They have one for dogs and cats, too, so I no longer use the oily stuff you squeeze on their backs.
Peter is a great guy and a fun interview. He joined Liquid Fence when it was no more than a good idea and a retired chemist’s secret formula for deer repellent. Now 11 short years later, the company’s flagship Deer & Rabbit Repellent is the number-one repellent in the country.
Click here to listen tonight at 8:05 PM

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sneha said...

pest solution is the best to avoid nasty pest in home and garden.