Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you need a Garden Coach?

Since it’s my first day as an intern here at Garden Media Group, I have lots to learn about gardening. I can’t really distinguish between different types of shrubs, and I definitely can’t predict which plants will grow best in my own backyard. That’s why I’m thrilled to have discovered the introduction of the “garden coach” into the gardening world! These coaches will teach a novice gardener like me how to prune, plant, and protect their garden (for a modest fee, of course).

Joanne Kaufman’s article for the New York Times introduced me to the ‘gardening coach’ concept. According to her article, these coaches combine lots of gardening experience with extensive knowledge to help ordinary gardeners cultivate extraordinary gardens.

Since gardening has become less of a family activity in recent years, the newest generation of gardeners needs experienced guidance to achieve their ideal outdoor living space. Even veteran gardeners could use the help of a gardening coach from time to time: if they move to a new climate, their old garden favorites may not survive. A coach can help them adapt their tastes to the land characteristics.

Since the term “garden coach” is fairly new, you can find many different people to aid you with your gardening endeavors: listings of Garden Mentors or Coaches (on craigslist.com or elsewhere), staff at small garden center, or even an acquaintance whose garden you admire.

Other places to find Garden Coaches:
Maryland: Susan Harris, www.thegardeningcoach.com
Austin, TX: www.penick.net/digging
Seattle: www.gardenmentors.com


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