Thursday, December 15, 2016

Zillow Porchlight: Festive Porch Decorations That Go From Fall to Winter

When it comes to all things home, Zillow Porchlight knows the best tips, tricks and ideas. 
That’s why we were thrilled to have Costa Farm’s Justin Handcock featured in one of their holiday posts.
Here’s an excerpt from their “Festive Porch Decorations That Go From Fall to Winter” story.
Read the full story here!

Fall and winter plants
Design experts agree that adding some greenery to your porch is a mustContainer gardens are an easy way to go.
“For fall, I like incorporating flowers because it’s the last chance,” says Justin Hancock, plant expert at Costa Farms.

Hancock’s go-to frost-tolerant plants include:
  • Flowering kale. This hardy, showy cabbage can survive even into the 20-degree range. It looks like a flower and comes in a range of colors, including lavender, rose, white, yellow, and green.
  • Croton. A low-maintenance fall favorite, it has dark green, orange, red, and yellow leaves that are thick and leathery, so they hold up well in drought conditions (read: they’re good for people who forget to water their plants).
  • Ajuga. An herbaceous plant in the mint family that blooms tiny periwinkle flowers, it’s durable and great for containers.
  • Pansies and violas. These delicate-looking flowers can survive temps as low as 30 degrees.
If you don’t feel like dealing with live plants, Johnson says fake greenery is just fine. “I love artificial wreaths because I don’t have to buy a new wreath every season, and no one knows the difference.”

Happy Holiday Decorating! 


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