Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Five Fab Reasons to Grow House Plants for National Indoor Plant Week

Houseplants are almost magical when it comes to indoor décor: They work with just about every theme and style, from modern contemporary to casual and cottagey. And they instantly make any space more comfy and cozy. But houseplants are more than just good-looking home décor.

Generations of people have enjoyed the beauty of plants in their indoor spaces. Here are some reasons to celebrate during the third week in September.

Indoor Plants Purify the Air
Research from NASA shows plants can suck harmful, potentially cancer-causing chemicals right out of the air, ensuring we have healthier homes and offices. While we don’t tend to think the quality of our indoor air, it can be much more polluted than what’s outside—particularly if you’re in an especially energy-efficient building. Bet you didn’t learn that from Matt Damon on The Martian!

We Feel More Relaxed Around Plants
Because I’m an introvert, I sometimes find it easier being around plants than people. But it turns out that we can all benefit from having some plant buddies. Scientists have found that being around plants—especially indoors, can reduce stress and help us feel happier and more relaxed.

Plants Make Us Smarter
That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Scientific studies have shown having a plant around can enhance our learning abilities by improving our ability to concentrate, stay focused, and solve problems. That makes indoor plants must-haves for home offices, studying spaces, and our desk at work.

They Improve Our Physical Health
Other scientific studies have revealed plants offer physical benefits to our health, as well, especially in office settings. Folks (like me) who have a plant or two on their desks typically use fewer sick days, suffer fewer headaches, and not as many sore throats/coughs as our plantless colleagues.

Houseplant Help as We Age

Another intriguing benefit to having a houseplant around it that it can help us as we age. Some studies have shown senior citizens feel better and more fulfilled with life when they tend to houseplants or pets  Keeping plants healthy, it appears, helps make us more socially connected and happy. 

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