Thursday, July 07, 2016

New e-Book Reveals How to Achieve Social Media Success

“Likes,” “Shares” and “ReTweets” are terms synonymous with a successful brand.
Social media, an extremely effective marketing medium, helps brands reach people on a large scale. In today’s world, public relations campaigns must utilize social media to increase brand awareness and grow consumer demand.
To teach garden brands how to properly convey marketing messages over social media, we released our latest free e-Book, “How The Espoma Company Bloomed: A Social Media Case Study.” The e-Book outlines the best practices for monitoring and posting to a variety of social sites.

Social media can make or break a brand by influencing the way consumers feel about garden products or services. About 97 percent of all consumers search for local businesses online, and 74 percent look to social media before purchasing any new product.
In addition to posting new and creative content, a brand’s message on social media needs to be customized to fit the outlet and reach key influencers. Facebook users, for instance, want to see original videos while Pinterest users utilize the site to shop.
It's clear that garden brands can’t ignore the impact social media has on public relations and marketing. They need to use this tool to gain a loyal following.
Download the Social Media e-Book today and, visit our GROW! blog to learn how to use social media to maximize any marketing and brand management effort! 


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