Thursday, May 05, 2016

Celebrate Mom and Mother Nature this Mother’s Day

Mother Nature isn’t the only mom that loves the garden. Mothers everywhere love pretty things that grow – flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables.

Celebrate these women with more than just a bouquet of flowers. Give mom, or any special lady in your life, an unexpected gift with these five garden-themed options.

Vibrant, Edible, Compact Plants from BrazelBerries:
For a gift that adds year-round color to the garden and produces delicious summer fruit, choose one of the new blueberry plants from BrazelBerries®. These ornamental shrubs are perfect in the garden or in containers on patios and provide dainty flowers and colorful foliage in the spring, plump berries in the summer and stunning color in the fall. Berries keep on giving, specifically for healthy moms everywhere.

Visit to find a garden center near you. 
Gorgeous Orchids from Costa Farms:
Orchids are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day because they’re chic, easy-to-grow and long lasting. Pick a plant in mom’s favorite hue and these beautiful plants will reward with colorful blooms for months. With just a little bit of care, an orchid will continue to bloom year-after-year. Plus, they look and feel luxurious, but are actually very affordable.

Look for orchids from Costa Farms® at your local home improvement store or mass merchandiser.

Keyhole Garden Collection from Vita Gardens
A keyhole garden is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for all veggie-growing, health-conscious moms. Originally developed in Africa, keyhole gardens make growing easy, even in areas that suffer from drought and extreme heat. Vita Gardens wants to inspire all gardeners to grow fresh, healthy food, regardless of where they live. New, smaller versions are perfect for urban gardeners, while bigger gardens are available to those with more space.

Purchase yours today at Costco or at  

Start! Bloom! Grow! from The Espoma Organic Company
Make mom’s life easier this Mother’s Day by giving her Espoma’s new line of liquid organic plant food. Start!, Bloom! and Grow! are made with the finest ingredients and are safe and healthy not only for mom’s favorite plants, but also around kids and pets. The fast-acting organic liquid fertilizer immediately gives plants the nutrients they need to thrive in the garden or in containers. And, fertilizing couldn’t get any easier with the new, innovative Easy Dose cap. Each dose gives a precise feeding of specially formulated nutrients.

Check your local garden center for availability. 

Happy Mother's Day! 


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