Thursday, April 14, 2016

Garden Trends Video Series Returns

It's s crucial to understand what's trending in order to be successful in the garden industry, so we're behind the camera once again and reviving our garden trends YouTube video series for 2016! 
“Syncing with Nature,” our 2016 Garden Trends Report, highlights eight new trends that demonstrate how people are using technology to connect with nature in different ways. Each video in our series will deep dive into one trend and teach viewers how it is impacting in the industry.
A new trends video will post the first week of every month on Garden Media’s YouTube channel and on social outlets with #LightsCameraGarden and #GardenTrends. 

The 2016 series already kicked off with videos highlighting Connected Greenery, Welltality and the “Synching with Nature” report as a whole. This month's trend video dives into The Makers Movement
In addition to the videos, Garden Media incorporates the 2016 trends into its #TrendingThursday Grow! Blog series. Each #TrendingThursday post expands on the month’s video and offers an in-depth look into the trend.
We work hard on our trends, and our YouTube series allows us to share them in a creative, visual way!
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