Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for Instant Container Style

We love nothing more than a beautiful container overflowing with colorful plants. It serves as the perfect decor for porches, patios and balconies. Costa Farms makes coordinating plants for containers simple and fun. 
The new “Grow Gorgeous Container Gardens” ebook from Costa Farms covers all of the basics. It helps gardeners and outdoor decorators learn how to choose, plant and care for potted gardens for every season.
Here are some expert tips.

5 Tips From Costa Farms to Make Containers Pop 
1. Choose plants of similar size. Pairings that stay in scale with one another will look better and won’t become overgrown. Plants that like the same moisture and sun levels will thrive together and can be enjoyed all season.
2. Choose a color scheme. Planting complementing colors makes the biggest impact. Choose plants that have interesting or colorful foliage to keep containers looking good if blooms fade.
3. Add some character with colorful pots. An interesting planter is an easy way to show off your container garden.
4. Create a focal point using a series of accessories. Place three containers of varying heights near an entryway to welcome your guests. Use at least one plant that can be repeated in at least two of the containers to unify the look.
5. Create a tropical paradise. Choose bright, bold colors to add energy and excitement to outdoor spaces. Costa Farms’ Tropic Escape hibiscus features over-sized flowers in more than a dozen vibrant colors. The easy-care hibiscus bloom twice as long as old-fashioned hibiscus and can take the heat through the hottest summer months.
For more tips on growing and designing beautiful container gardens, download the new container gardening ebook from Costa Farms.


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Awesome post! I was doing a garden consult yesterday with some neighbors of mine who are about to start a makeover of the lawn and gardens they inherited when they purchased the house.

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