Friday, August 01, 2014

Add Color to Any Outdoor Space with Easy-care Container Flowers

Outdoor celebrations are in full swing. From weddings to a simple family barbeque, the nation’s backyards and outdoor spaces will be places of sparkling sophistication and leisurely fun.

To dress up the great outdoors for any special occasion, party throwers can decorate patios, decks and balconies with The Suntory® Collection by creating summer flowering containers, cascading with splashes of color that are great performers in the garden.

The simple act of adding color to a space with flowers is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to decorate an outdoor area. Putting flowers in containers allows you to add that surprising splash of color anywhere—on a table, in a large urn, at the end of a garden path, hanging from a fence or even a tree—not just in a garden bed.

Choosing the color elements to beautify these containers is as easy as turning to the vibrant flowers in The Suntory® Collection, which are extremely heat tolerant due to being bred in Japan where the climate can be quite harsh. With more than twenty different types and styles of plants in a rainbow of flower colors, fashioning just the right containers to accessorize a patio, deck or backyard is a breeze.

Follow these tips for creating containers for summer entertaining and family enjoyment using the “top-shelf” flowers from The Suntory® Collection:

Create a Focal Point
Go big and tall with at least one container placed at the far end of the patio, garden path, or even within the garden bed, it becomes a focal point and draws the eye through the space.

One way to create that focal point container is with Sun Parasol® Mandevillas. Sun Parasols® are glossy-leafed vining tropical plants, the largest of which grows as long as 10-15 ft. Placed in a large pot with a wire garden trellis or obelisk for climbing support, this plant’s big and beautiful tubular blooms are showstoppers. Give the container even more pizzazz by pairing multiple colors.

Colorful Combinations
Like mixing the right blouse, jacket and decorative scarf, combining different plants in the same container is a way to display one’s unique personality and style.

A sure bet for a spectacular plant combination is choosing a plant that spills downward, another that will grow around the middle, and a third that grows up. The multi-layered look gives gardeners a chance to experiment with color, texture and size.

Some flowers to work with in combinations are the popular Million Bells® Calibrachoas for sunny areas and Summer Wave® Torenias for use in shade. Both need little to no maintenance, produce loads of blooms in a range of hues from spring through fall, and give containers that cascading look. When planted in mass on their own, both create lovely mounding pots and baskets heaping with flowers.

One-Plant Workhorses
While combinations show off one’s creativity, containers with just one type of plant are the workhorses of the outdoor patio or back yard. These mono baskets create a backdrop against which the focal point and colorful combos can really shine.

Baskets of flowers are already potted up and ready to go at the local garden center, so they are ready to go for those last-minute backyard get-togethers.

Recommended are the Surfinia® Summer Double Petunias not only because their blooms are beautifully rose-shaped, but also because these plants truly are workhorses, standing up to both rainy weather and hot conditions. In rose, white and pink, Summer Doubles are just about perfect, no matter what pot they are in.

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