Monday, July 07, 2014

Common Filth Flies Are More Than Just a Nuisance – They Carry and Spread 60 Diseases!

Flies are common, annoying and unsanitary. But they’re more than just a nuisance. They’re carriers of filth and more than 60 human and animal diseases. With temperatures warming, experts warn that hot, humid conditions create ideal environments for flies to breed and develop.

“The warmer the weather, the faster the flies are produced,” says Dr. Qing-He Zhang, Ph.D., lead scientist and director of research at Sterling International, Inc., developer of the RESCUE!® line of eco-friendly pest control solutions. “The common housefly and other filth flies can lay up to 100 eggs that hatch within 24 hours. An adult female fly may lay up to 2,400 eggs in her short lifetime, about two to four weeks.”

Zhang says that in hot weather it only takes eight days for these thousands of eggs to hatch and develop into adult flies. This poses a problem for homeowners without an effective fly management solution.

Rod Schneidmiller, president of Sterling International, recommends simple measures that help control the flies by preventing their ability to breed in the first place.

“There’s nothing a fly likes less than proper sanitation,” says Schneidmiller. “Clean up pet waste promptly and keep garbage can lids tightly closed. Flies need moisture to lay their eggs, so when disposing of kitchen waste or bottles and cans, drain as much as possible before placing in a trash bag.”

Even with preventive measures, flies can still appear in droves.  As an alternative to chemical sprays, Zhang and his team at RESCUE!® have developed safe and effective solutions to control flies before they become a nuisance.

The eco-friendly OrnamenTrap™ appears to be a garden accessory, but it also catches flies. This newest reusable trap from RESCUE!® is the solution for homeowners who want to control flies around an outdoor living area with an attractive device that isn’t recognizable as a trap. OrnamenTrap™ has been designed to be the perfect marriage of home décor and effective bug control.

The new TrapStik® for Flies catches common house flies, cluster flies and fruit flies. It can be used inside around the home, or outdoors in a sheltered location protected from moisture. It’s best to hang it right where flies are buzzing, such as near windows or in mud rooms and covered porches.

TrapStik® for Biting Flies catches flies that feed on blood, such as horse flies, stable flies and black flies. Its water-resistant coating allows it to be used wherever there is a problem with biting flies such as patios, water features, barns, stables or dog runs.

“TrapStik® lures flies to a sticky surface using the three dimensional pattern and color combination they find most attractive,” explains Schneidmiller. “Hang the traps right where flies can easily see them.”

The VisiLure™ Fly Tape is not your grandmother’s gooey brown fly ribbon. It’s easy to unroll and hangs flat rather than curling up, leaving more surface area to catch flies.  Because it has no odor, it can be used both indoors and out.

The RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap catches the most prevalent adult fly species. “The RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap has a bait that flies find irresistible,” says Schneidmiller. “It contains a fast-acting, water-soluble attractant that’s safe, non-toxic and sanitary. The scent attracts flies into the trap and they drown in the water. Best of all, the disposable bag can hold up to 20,000 flies!”

Schneidmiller recommends hanging the Disposable Fly Trap at least 20 feet away from any outdoor living space and near possible fly sources like a dog run, garbage bin, compost pile or horse stable.

The larger and reusable RESCUE!® POP! Fly Trap is made from recycled 2-liter soda pop bottles and has the same fly attractant formula as the Disposable Fly Trap. It can be reused with attractant refills or recycled.

Flies don’t have to bug you this summer. Take action with one of these indoor or outdoor traps.

As with all RESCUE!® products, these fly taps are proudly made in America by Sterling International, the only pest control company to manufacture all of its products in the U.S.A.

Established in 1982, Sterling International, Inc. offers RESCUE!® traps and attractants for stink bugs, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, flies, Japanese and Oriental beetles and more.  These products are available prominently on shelves at home improvement centers, hardware stores and lawn & garden retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information and great tips, visit You can also follow RESCUE! ® on Facebook and Twitter.


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yes they spread diseases.

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