Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Find: New Surfinia® Trailing Petunias from Suntory®

Gardeners around the world are smiling about Surfinia Trailing petunias from The Suntory Collection. Available in a kaleidoscope of 20 colors that complement any landscape, Surfinia petunias are a garden party just waiting to happen.

An eager addition to the garden, Surfinia trailing petunias, such as the popular Surfinia Deep Red, bloom enthusiastically from spring through fall. The cascading growth pattern makes them an ideal choice for all types of gardens ranging from hanging baskets and window boxes to in-ground and container gardens.

For more than 20 years, gardeners have been enjoying the beauty and ease of Surfinia petunias. While the beauty speaks for itself, the ease comes from the low-maintenance they require. There’s not a shrinking violet (or petunia, that is) in the bunch. These beauties are as tough as they are pretty.

All varieties of Surfinia petunias have excellent weather tolerance and are disease resistant and self-cleaning, you won’t find a more hardy petunia in the marketplace!

Gardeners’ smiles are getting even wider this year with the introduction of Surfinia Trailing Heavenly Blue, Purple Majesty and Variegated Baby Purple.

Get ready for non-stop color!

Heavenly Blue is a striking bright blue color becomes more sky blue as the flowers open, creating a lovely multi-tonal effect from early spring through late fall. And in true Surfinia fashion, Heavenly Blue can thrive in either full sun or partial shade.

Heavenly Blue is one of the most dazzling shades of blue! If you are looking for a spot-on splash of sky in your garden, this is the one. As an exceptionally fast grower – up to 4’ in length from top to bottom over the course of the growing season, Heavenly Blue’s wavy flowers look stunning in containers, baskets and garden beds.   

Purple Majesty brings a bit of European royalty to the garden party with its deep purple hue and stately presence. It's an outstanding trailing companion in a hanging basket or window box containing red and yellow blooming plants. You can expect about 5-7” in height with lavish 2-inch blooms on an 8’ diameter spread. It blooms continuously from spring through fall.

Variegated Baby Purple has just what many gardeners are looking for in a single plant – colorful blooms and foliage. Variegated Baby Purple really packs a punch in one plant because it allows you the option of using less plant material to get the same effect of having several plants in one container. And the smaller 1.5” purple blooms help showcase the striking yellow and green variegated leaves.

As all Surfinia petunias are self-cleaning, no dead-heading is required with Variegated Baby Purple to keep its bountiful look. Unlike other variegated varieties, Variegated Baby Purple leaves are sun tolerant and will hold their pattern in direct sunlight.

Keep Surfinia petunias adequately watered if planted in the ground, making sure not to overwater. In containers and window boxes, simply keep the soil evenly moist. Fertilize heavily with a high-nitrogen fertilizer containing iron. Apply the fertilizer weekly for container plantings and monthly for in-ground plantings.

In addition to the Surfinia Trailing Collection, Suntory also offers Mounding, Summer Double and Bouquet Surfinia collections. For the story behind the Surfinia collection, watch below.

Look for the line of Surfina petunias and other plants in the Suntory Collection at local garden retailers or online at Big Bad Flower.