Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Five Garden Tips to Wow Memorial Day Guests

Memorial Day weekend, filled with barbeques, picnics and parades, is the unofficial kick-off to summer. It’s also the time to refresh containers, hanging baskets and make a statement in the garden.
Gardeners know if they spend a little more time now, getting the garden off to a good start, they will reap the benefits all season long.

It may not be glamorous, but a little planning goes a long way and pays off for many gardening seasons, It’s no secret that strong gardens with lots of colors start from the ground up.

Experts at PRO-MIX® offer these five tips for creating healthy garden beds before Memorial Day guests arrive.

Prepare the soil before planting. Blend one or two inches of a soilless garden mix that contains peat humus, compost and a slow release fertilizer, such as PRO-MIX® Garden Mix, into the soil.

Choose plants that will last all season, such as summer annual flowers or tropical plants with bright foliage. Make sure to pick sun loving plants for sunny spots and shade loving plants where they get less than 4 hours of sun per day.

Choose a good soilless mix. Soil in containers can dry out quickly in the summer heat. Choose a potting mix created for containers, PRO-MIX® Ultimate Potting Mix contains a gel designed to hold water in reserve, releasing it as the surrounding mix dries, thereby reducing the need to water as much.

Create one show stopping container. Instead of filling the entire yard with flowers, plant up one big, beautiful container and place it in a central spot where Memorial Day guests will congregate.

Apply plant strengtheners to established plants to prepare them for the stressful summer ahead. Many of PRO-MIX® growing mixes come fortified with MycoActive™, a natural plant beneficial that helps roots take in more water and nutrients, helping them be more resistant to growing stresses so they can stay happy and healthy all season long. Look for the MycoActive™ symbol on the bag.

PRO-MIX® offers premium growing mixes that create a perfect environment for any plant. Whether it is colorful annuals, perennials, succulents, indoor plants or orchids, PRO-MIX® has formulations that work.

This Memorial Day, spend more time enjoying your garden than working in it with help from PRO-MIX® growing mixes.

For more information on the complete line of PRO-MIX® growing mixes, visit http://www.promixfindgrowtopia.com and find the products at local garden centers and retail stores.