Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Give an Everlasting Gift this Valentine's Day!

Anyone can give roses on Valentine's Day.  This year, think outside the flower box with gifts that say "I love you" for months to come. A message every Valentine wants to hear.

Here are a few ideas to shake things up this Valentine’s Day and gift a lasting “I love you”:

Classic Moth Orchids
Orchids offer classic, timeless beauty, and are not drama queens! They are easy to grow and will reward your loved one with weeks, even months, of gorgeous blooms – and be a constant reminder of your affection.

Orchids need only the simplest care: Low light, warm temperatures, consistent water, and a shot of fertilizer every now and then. These colorful flowers bloom in a great range of classic colors: pure white, pink, chartreuse, and bi-colors. 

Learn how easy orchids are:

Heart Shaped Box Complete with Flowers
Watch love sprout and blossom this Valentine’s Day with this amorous-filled DIY kit, complete with flower seeds!

The DIY kit comes in a heart-shaped box complete with everything needed to cast a heart container that will be cherished for years to come. Plant the seeds provided in the potting mix enclosed for a growing symbol of ever-flourishing love.

Learn more about growing a heart shaped garden:

Kick-it-Up Anthurium
Appropriately named Allura, this hot anthurium bears Valentine’s Day-shaped red flowers and leaves. Mother Nature is such a romantic, isn’t she? The flowers feature standing-at-attention yellow centers, like little exclamation points and last for weeks! Also called flamingo flower, this little number adds colorful allure anywhere you place it. Potted in a white decorator pot, this anthurium brightens any spot in the house and can be moved to a shaded spot outdoors in warm weather. Love continues year round with its display of beautiful blossoms.

Learn more about growing and caring for anthuriums here:

Bleeding Heart Plant
With a charm all their own, Bleeding Hearts are the all-time favorite perennials for Valentine's Day. In fact, they have been popular since their introduction in 1842.

Perfect strings of red, white or pink heart shaped flowers dangle from the dark red stems in late spring—and they’ll bloom year after year. Give a Valentine gift of love. 

Learn more about growing Bleeding Heart:

Check out the links above or local retail center for these sweet ideas that will take Valentine’s Day gifts to the next level.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the garden gurus at Garden Media!


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