Friday, December 13, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Grow Fresh Produce In This Cool Hydroponic Container

Photo Credit: Modern Sprout
Are you starting to miss the herbs and veggies you grew this summer?  All those herbs spilling from your containers, the tomatoes, beans and other delectables, a distant memory. Would you like to have access to fresh herbs, produce and flowers all year long, growing inside your home or apartment without soil? 

"The cutting edge of countertop cultivation" is how the folks at Modern Sprout describe their product.  This stylish container is the result of hydroponics and ingenuity.  Chicago based founders Nick Behr and Sarah Burrows are city apartment dwellers who love to cook and eat organically and wanted to grow their own food.  After stuffing every conceivable light-filled space in their home and on their balcony with botanicals, they unsuccessfully found that their enthusiastic efforts resulted in dry, withered, and frequently dead plants.

Photo Credit: Modern Sprout
Hydroponics seemed like the best solution, yet many of the systems available were too expensive, hard to set up and not attractive at all.  With that Modern Sprout was born and the Kickstarter campaign a success.  It's hidden micro-hydroponics system automatically waters and feeds your plants.  Its sleek design fits nicely on countertops, windowsills or any small space near a window.
Photo Credit: Modern Sprout
It comes in four great finishes that will suit any decor and arrives assembled, minus a few simple steps.  All you have to do is add plants, set the timer, add water and nutrients (included) and plug it in.

If you prefer going solar, no problem.  The same planter has been equipped with a solar option further reducing your carbon footprint.  The Modern Sprout hydroponic container is a fool-proof way to cultivate healthy herbs, vegetables and flowers.  There is no guesswork with this hidden hydroponic system that waters and feeds your plants. Perfect for space-conscious city dwellers, absent-minded gardeners and armchair agrarians.  This sleek containers lets even the brown-thumber grow a wide variety of botanicals all year round. Would this container be a good fit for your apartment and lifestyle?  We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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