Thursday, September 26, 2013

Win A $100 Gift Card for Fall Planted Bulbs!

As cool fall weather hits most regions of the country, the time is now to be thinking fall planted bulbs. Longfield Gardens is giving you a chance to win a $100 gift card towards their quality bulbs and perennials.

To enter the contest, like Longfield Gardens on Facebook, then click to enter to win.

Plant bulbs Mid-September to late October, when temperatures are pleasant and the ground is easy to
dig.  Bulbs store their own food so there’s no need to worry about them surviving the winter. Come spring, dozens of buds emerge and blossom.

With a staggering array of bulbs to choose from, you can enjoy fall bulb planting and anticipate the spring arrival of some of these beauties:

Hyacinth Shades of Blue
No need to choose your favorite blue hyacinth when this mix lets you enjoy them all. The full range of blues perfectly complements every variety of daffodil and mid-season tulip. They will fill your garden with weeks of intense color and heady fragrance.

Tulip Queen of Night
Close out the tulip season with a dramatic planting that features this dark
and sultry beauty. On the outside, the petals are maroon with a dusky blue sheen. Inside, they're lustrous wine red. A favorite since the 1940s.

Narcissus Palmares
Star shaped outer petals sets off these ruffled, creamy yellow to orange cups. This mid to late season bloomer is as eye-catching from afar as it is up close. Frilly cups give the bloom a ruffled look. Plus, the deer don't like these beautiful bulbs!

Allium Gladiator
Decorate your early summer garden with these big, rose-violet balls of color. The 6" diameter flower heads are slightly smaller than Globemaster allium, but bloom earlier and are about a foot taller. Easy, long-lasting color for the time between spring bulbs and summer perennials.

Falling in love with bulbs is easy, especially when it's free!  And $100 can buy a garden full of bulbs to plant this fall and enjoy the burst of color and fragrance come spring.

So just hop over to Longfield Gardens Facebook page, like them, and click to enter the contest.  There's only a few days left...good luck and happy bulb planting!

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Travaldo said...

Allium Gladiator - One of the most spectacular bulbs you can grow!