Friday, September 20, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Plant Your Spring Bulb Garden Now!

Queen of Night
As Autumn begins and the weather cools, gardeners look to the tasks at hand - including one more chance to play in the dirt.  While addressing your garden's fall clean-up, now is the time to plan for spring bulbs that will come as a respite from winter, returning each year to welcome spring.

Mid-September through late October is an ideal time to plant spring bulbs in many regions, allowing for a six week rooting period before the soil becomes too cold. But before you get your hands dirty, consider these tips, from purchasing to planning to planting.

Black Eyed Beauty
First and foremost, size does matter! Bulbs from sources such as Longfield Gardens are top notch yet still affordable, guaranteeing happiness now and in the spring when the lovelies pop up. Pictured are several of our favorite varieties.  Make sure to purchase bulbs from a reputable source, ensuring you get the best bulb for your buck.  Steer clear of sales that offer bulk bulbs for a very low price as many of these bulbs are inferior in quality.

Moulin Rouge
Planning your spring bulb garden is easy and fun.  Take a look around your outdoor space and visualize early spring.  Consider the height of the bulb's flower, whether short or tall, and then plant accordingly, either in the rear or front of your garden area. 

Sky High
Create a 'wow' effect with mass plantings of spring bulbs grouping many in an open space, along a walkway or surrounding a garden feature.  Another fun option is to toss a bunch of bulbs in the air, see where they land, and plant them'll be surprised how well this works!

Planting spring bulbs is easy too.  Once you've decided how many and where, just dig a hole that's 3 times the diameter of the bulb and plant the bulb with the pointy side up.  Plant in a triangular clump, a circular clump, or a rectangular clump, but never in a single line--that's a no-no in the design world.
Mango Charm
Replace the soil on top of the bulb and water to help settle the bulbs in and remove any air pockets.  Don't be stingy with the first watering, letting it seep through to the bulb's dept of 6 to 8 inches under the surface.  Moisture must be present at the base of the bulbs to encourage fall rooting.  Throughout the fall and winter only water if you are experiencing a particularly dry period.

Now that you're done designing and digging, you can get to the fall cleanup knowing that come spring you will be rewarded with a beautiful array of stunning flowers to celebrate the new season.  Order from a huge variety of spring bulbs at Longfield Gardens and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Happy spring bulb planting!

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