Friday, September 13, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week With These Super Heroes

Plants are more than just pretty faces.  Did you know that indoor plants can remove toxins from your indoor space and help you concentrate better? There are lots of benefits of indoor plants, and here's how a few super heroes can change your life.

O2 for You Anthurium from Costa Farms
Reduce Stress - Stay calm, carry on, buy a plant.  People who keep flowering houseplants in their home feel happier, more relaxed and less stressed. According to an article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, flowering plants add positive energy which reduces stress-related depression.

Improve Indoor Air - The EPA found that the air in your home may be more polluted than outdoor air. Strategic placement of plants in your living and working space improves your indoor air quality, scrubbing out toxins. Having at least one plant for every 100 square feet provides maximum air-cleaning benefits, from allergy symptom relief to enhanced mood and concentration.

Heal Faster - A flowering plant is often the gift of choice for someone ill or in the hospital, and there's science behind the reason why.  Just the presence of a flowering plant in a hospital recovery room speeds the healing process.  If you want to help in someone's recovery, bag the cut flowers that don't last long and choose a Peace Lily for long-lasting benefits.

Become More Empathetic - An article from the University of Texas indicates that people who buy and care for plants are more likely to care for their fellow human beings.  A ZZ plant is easy to fall in love with and pass the love along.

Neon Pathos-Costa Farms
Enhance Learning - Looking for a way to help your kids get better grades?  There are cognitive benefits from being around plants, helping focus and concentration which in turn improves learning capabilities.  Easy care pothos is a plant that gets an "A" and enlisting plant care with your children helps them learn how fun and easy it can be. For the workplace, a red aglaonema on your own desk will help increase concentration up to 20% for the tasks at hand.

Orchid-Costa Farms
Create a Spa-like Experience -  It's no accident that spas use plants to create a restful and calming experience. Add plants to your shower or bath to amp up the restful ambiance, along with a few candles and low lighting, and you've created an environment that helps you relax, unwind, and smile. Orchids are a perfect fit as they love humidity and will provide you with that 'ahhhhh' factor of beauty and restfulness.

Dracaena-Costa Farms

Group Therapy - If you think just one plant is good for you, imagine the benefits of several plants that will help clean your air and provide a sense of well-being, whether at home or your workplace.  A combination of dracaena, peace lily and snake plant can transform your inner space into a beneficial, toxin free environment for optimal healthy living.

Costa Farms®, the largest grower of indoor houseplants in North America, suggests we create healthier, cleaner and happier indoor spaces by surrounding ourselves with these green heroes.  It's an inexpensive way to improve our health and well being, and National Indoor Plant Week, September 15th - 21st, is the perfect time to get started.  Watch this video to learn more about O24U and the benefits of indoor houseplants.

Garden Media Group


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