Friday, August 30, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Win A $100 Gift Card for Magical Spring Bulbs!

As the summer season comes to a close, thoughts change from beach outings and garden parties to football and breezy cool nights, and the transformative brassy landscape of fall.

Before letting the summer season fade away, indulge in one more treat: a chance to win a $100 gift card from Longfield Gardens, a retail website for quality bulbs and perennials. To enter the contest just like Longfield Gardens on Facebook, then click to enter to win. With a staggering array of bulbs to choose from, you can enjoy fall bulb planting and anticipate the spring arrival of some of these beauties:

Striped Apeldoorn - Each of these designer mix tulips has its own special pattern of color and stripes, from buttery yellow to deep orange and red.  It blooms midseason and since every blossom is unique they are stunning in a bouquet or left to admire in a group setting in your garden.

Hemisphere - Another tulip with its own special pattern of freckles and stripes and a color range from almost pure white to pink and rose, combined with the hues of  Striped Apeldoorn can create a natural looking sea of color.

Flaming Purissima - This elegant early bloomer tulip has flowers that change day by day, opening wider as they mature. White petals overlaid with blush pink are a great companion for daffodils and hyacinths, and are sturdy and weatherproof for lasting enjoyment.

Moulin Rouge - This color-changing tulip puts on a new show every day.  It opens creamy white with striking raspberry pink accents and as it matures the petals become more colorful until they're bathed with cherry pink, rose and crimson.  And the fragrance of the extra large flowers is extra special.

Shirley - A simple name for a simply stunning tulip, Shirley opens creamy white with lilac-purple stitching around the edges of each petal.  As the blossoms mature, the color slowly spreads until the entire flower is laced with soft purple.  A true favorite for your cutting garden.

Falling in love with bulbs is easy, especially when it's free!  And $100 can buy hundreds of bulbs to plant this fall and enjoy the burst of color and fragrance come spring.  So just hop over to Longfield Gardens Facebook page, like them, and click to enter the contest.  There's only a few days left...good luck and happy bulb planting!

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