Friday, June 28, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Sizzle With Suntory This Summer

Independence Day is all American with red, white and blue colors dominating decorations and activities.  From picnics and parties to all kinds of celebrations, we proudly fly, wear and put out the colors that represent our nation's heritage--freedom for all.

If you are planning a 4th of July gathering, consider potting up a patriotic garden display that will burst like fireworks. The red, white and blues from the Suntory® Collection offer perfect combinations to achieve a flag raising holiday look.

You can put red, white and blue flowers together for a traditional look, or put a stunning Sun Parasol® with
Surfinia® Trailing Petunia in a blue-glazed pot for a more dramatic look.  Put your patriotic blooms in a hanging basket, or as a compliment to 4th of July bunting along a porch.

When July 4th is in your rear view mirror, many other options are available to switch up your color scheme from firecracker to other hot colors for a hot time of the summer.
Suntory Virtual Designer

Mixing and matching combinations like cream, magenta and deep purple give a new twist to red, white and blue.
The new Virtual Garden Designer Tool from the Suntory Collection makes it fun and oh so easy to create a combination of flowers you can see before even heading out to the nursery.  This free designer tool is brilliant, letting you do an almost endless number of combinations from the Suntory Collection. You can choose from 4 different container sizes and then you simply drag and drop the flowers into the circles, click "OK" and viola!  You have a lovely example of how your container will look with the particular flowers you chose. 

Suntory Virtual Designer

Switch up your blues and whites with Summer Wave® Bouquet Torenia in cream yellow and gold, or keep some white with gold for a soft summer look that lends itself perfectly into the lazy days of summer.  Stop back again in the fall and test drive some warm oranges and golds for a fabulous fall look.

Pot up your patriotic garden this July 4th with traditional red, white and blue or colors that suit your own likes and decor.  The Suntory Collection has the flowers and colors you love, and best of all, they're available in garden centers and home stores.  

Have a sizzling summer, and Happy 4th of July!

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