Friday, June 07, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Beat the Beetles With This Trap!

Gardeners are reporting that this may be the worst Japanese and Oriental beetle season in years due to the mild winter and warm spring.  These destructive beetles invade gardens and lawns, eating leaves, roots and blooms on everything from trees to prized roses to turf grass.

These are a few options to beat the beetles.  For the non-squeamish, you can pick them off your trees, shrubs and flowers by hand and drop them in soapy water.  Chemicals are another alternative, except that they can also harm people, pets and the environment.  A safer, organic solution is the RESCUE!® Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap.The science behind this trap combines research into pheromones, beetle behavior and an ingenious cone design that uses a controlled non-toxic delivery system to attract and capture both males and females.

Catching these pests before they mate is particularly important as the life cycle of a beetle takes about a year.  The beetles we'll see this summer were eggs a year ago.  As the adult beetles feed on leaves in summer, the female heads down to burrow into the ground or turf many times to lay eggs.  By mid-August, she'll lay about 60 eggs.  These eggs hatch in less than two weeks and begin their underground life as larva and grubs. The RESCUE!® Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap can catch the females before they start laying eggs.

Some people think beetle traps attract beetles into their yard from miles away; in fact, the attractant lures pests from only 100-150 feet. Placement is critical though, so for the best results you should hang traps away from where the beetles are congregating. So rather than placing it right next to a rose bush, hang it at least 30 feet from ornamental plants.  The beetles fly into the trap's large yellow panels, get stunned, drop into the bag where they can't escape and die. The trap's unique nylon bag has a zippered bottom for ease of disposal and reuse again and again.

Spare your yard and garden from the destruction of Japanese and Oriental Beetles with the RESCUE!® Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap; it's a safe, organic solution that works. 

Happy pest controlling!


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