Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Light up your space with a glowing plant

Like something out of a science fiction show, a group of researchers have successfully modified a Arabidopsis plant with luciferin genes, which are most commonly found in fireflies and deepsea creatures like the Anglerfish, in order to have it glow. A recent Kickstarter campaign started by Antony Evans, the head of a team of bio-engineers based in San Francisco, hopes to bring awareness to an alternative to the energy being used for electrical lighting by using bioluminescent lighting, Backers who pledge $40 or more will receive a packet of seeds for their own glowing plants. The original goal of $65,000 to create the plants has been well surpassed. An extra goal of $400,000 has been set in order to work on creating glowing roses, in which they are already at the halfway mark.

For more information including the more in depth scientifics of the project visit their Kickstarter page and check out the video below!

~ James
Garden Media Group

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Arpitkakkar said...

Arabidopsis chamber use to grow the plant in research labs. This chambers developed specially for that plants to give atmospheric environment to them.