Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Media's new case study series is here!

Garden Media is set to release a series of six public relations e-books over the next six months.  Each e-book will feature a case study that illustrates a specific public relations strategy with tips and tricks to increase a company’s reputation and grow their business.

Public relations starts by building a brand’s reputation. Without a credible reputation and solid brand, your products will fall flat.

Branding The Knock Out® Rose”, the first case study in the series, outlines the public relations strategies used to help launch The Knock Out Rose®, now one of the best-selling shrubs in America.

This case study shows how The Conard-Pyle Company benefited from our branding capabilities and built the brand with consumers for more 10 years with public relations alone.

We have 25 years of experience and hundreds of case studies, launching such brands as Endless Summer, BrazelBerries™ and O2 for You. We believe it's time to share our secrets to help home and garden industry businesses understand how PR can help manage their brands and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising!

Each case study will offer a range of information from goal setting to public relations tactics that benefit businesses new to PR as well as those with established marketing departments.

Branding The Knock Out® Rose” is available for download today. A new eBook case study will be released each month, you can also now sign up to be part of Garden Media's E-Book of the Month Club and have them mailed automatically to you monthly and be part of a discussion group!

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