Friday, April 12, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: A Blooming Alternative for Impatiens Lovers!

For years, gardeners have enjoyed impatiens in their gardens and containers, so much so it had become the nation's top selling annual.  Then along came impatiens downy mildew, a disease that can carry airborne spores over 100 miles and attacks the underside of standard garden impatiens leaves killing the plant. And worse, the mildew can remain in the infected soil for several years.

Many garden centers are keeping impatiens off their shelves this year, but don't panic! There are several alternatives to impatiens, and a terrific plant that has real flower power is the Summer Wave® Torenia.

This beautiful torenia from The Suntory® Collection is not just a pretty face. The gorgeous blooms that continue from spring until fall are also self-cleaning -- no dead-heading needed.  This is a wonderfully durable plant that loves the heat.  When other plants begin wilting under the summer sun, Summer Wave® Torenia thrives. She loves the shade but it can't get too hot for this beauty!

Coming in 11 different colors, you can choose from two different varieties.  The trailing, creeping variety grows 6"-10" high and spreads to 30".  The branches spread wide and abundantly and it's perfect for landscapes, hanging baskets and containers.  The Summer Wave® Bouquet Torenia is more compact with a mounding style that grows 10"-15" high, yet can also spread 25"-30" making it terrific for window boxes and containers. These plants look great in combinations, or as standout stand-alone for a dramatic pop of monochromatic color.

Another interesting feature of  Summer Wave is a unique 'fishbone' inside each flower that gives the bloom an added dimension. And best of all, these torenia plants resist disease.

Nature works in mysterious ways, as we've all heard and know first hand, and although the dear impatiens may have to step aside, a new garden star is waiting to flower up your landscape, containers and baskets with staying power you won't be disappointed with. 

Give The Summer Wave® a try this year.  We'd love to hear about your success with this hardy, beautiful alternative to impatiens.

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