Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Enter... The GREEN NINJA!

Okay... so he might not have a cool name like Wolverine or Nova; or fight the likes of Dr. Doom and save the world from crime, monsters and stuff, but he does help serve the greater good: Teaching kids how to reduce their carbon footprint!

The Green Ninja project (TGN) is a collaborative effort between scientists, educators, and artists to create compelling experiences that illustrate the connections between humans and our changing climate. The mission of the project is to promote informed personal choices and reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions by educating the community through webisodes hosted on Youtube. TGN is also a great tool for teachers to use in their curriculum to help bring awareness of global warming to their students. Children on average are quite unaware of climate change and hardly ever learn about it in their classes, TGN may be a good way to remedy that.

See The Green Ninja in action in the video below, a man's feet grow to an unbelievable size due to his large carbon footprint and The Green Ninja is there to help! (Now that I think about it, if that's all it takes to increase the size of one's feet I may try to increase my carbon footprint, by a shoe size... I never seem to find shoes I like that fit... hmm....)

For more information on The Green Ninja Project, visit their website.

~ James
Garden Media

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