Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Farmery, an Urban Vertical Farm Project

Industrial designer Ben Green and grower Tyler Nevers have successfully developed and raised $25,000 for The Farmery - a small scale urban farm and market on Kickstarter.

The Farmery is an integrated retailing and growing system for locally grown food that raises the value of the produce through a stimulating retail experience and reduces the costs of the produce by consolidating the entire food distribution system. It is constructed of stacked shipping containers and greenhouses oriented to form a vertical farm. It uses a proprietary growing system to grow edible plants vertically on the sides of the containers. They hope for this to soon become commonplace in urban areas.

The Farmery is able to offer an entire diet of mushrooms, fish, greens and herbs for prices that meet or beat organic supermarket prices. The team for The Farmery has two prototypes located in Raleigh, NC. These are used to develop new growing systems so that they can discern that the growing systems work and are profitable. These also provide opportunities to test market the crops at local farmers markets, restaurants and retailers.

For more information on The Farmery including the designs and layout of the prototypes visit:

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