Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Garden trends: Shared Living

We discuss the shared economy quite extensively in our 2013-2014 garden trends report, yet it continues to evolve. Countless start ups are working overtime to distinguish themselves as the latest social sharing  company: cars, office space, pet housing, and more. One of the latest developments was introduced to us by Cassandra Daily and showcases shared dining. 

One of the companies  at the forefront of social dining is called Feastly.  Feastly democratizes fine dining by enabling passionate cooks to turn their homes into temporary restaurants for gourmets in Washington, D.C., New York, and San Francisco.

The online marketplace originated when co-founder Noah Karesh realized that “the dining table is the optimal social network.” Entrepreneurial chefs, after registering on the Feastly site, determine menu, price, date and maximum number of diners. Feastly then takes care of filling the seats—when a meal is listed, it is advertised to potential diners through Feastly’s email list, Twitter, and Facebook—and handling payments. The company hopes to expand its service to international audiences eventually.

Read more about the various social dining experiences and let us know what you think?  Are you an Air BnB type person or more of a Hyatt?


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