Friday, December 14, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Unique calendars beyond 12-21-12!

There are certainly certain people who are a little anxious about the date 12-21-12 when the mayan calendar will run out of days.  For the vast majority, we begin the hunt this time of year for a calendar to suit our needs for the coming year, and so I thought I'd share some very unusual calendars you just don't see everyday.

For the health conscious consumer there is the One-A-Day Calendar which thoughtfully dispenses a dose of cod liver oil.  I'm already thinking of someone who may need a dose of Advil instead, but I'm pretty sure that calendar is not available. Isn't cod liver what my grandmother used to push? I believe fish oil is the current trendy supplement, and good for you!

An apple a day, so they say.  The Apple Calendar provides you with a fresh apple every day while reminding you of the date as they slide down the tube for your nourishment and enjoyment. Just refil each month with the apples you like, or mix and match with some oranges for variety.

For the photographer, the desktop Camera Lens Calendar looks just like a camera lens with the focus, shutter speed and aperture rings used to display the year, month and date. It's good up to the year 2032, so no need to hunt down a yearly calendar for some time...and it's bound to impress with it's realistic look.

Looking for an interactive and beautiful calendar to hang?  The Jumping Point Calendar is designed to continually add color as the days of the year pass. Simply punch out the dot of the day to reveal the vibrant color beneath.  As the days and months pass, your calendar reveals the rainbow range while keeping you on date track.

For the puzzle person, the Puzzle Calendar is a dream come true. You can rearrange the blocks in any manner you like, bringing your creativity to the display each month.  There are even icon blocks for special events and days. You'll never get bored with this calendar, great for home or office and sure to spark creative juices.


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