Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gardens in the Most Unlikely of Places

Los Angeles residents are being treated to an exotic sight during their daily commutes. The Urban Air project created by artist Stephen Glassman and a collection of partners has turned Los Angeles billboards into bamboo gardens to beautify urban areas and help clean the air by processing the carbon dioxide from the cars below.

Urban Air was first recognized when it received the 2011 London International Creativity award. A Los Angeles based billboard company, Summit Media, has lent their support by donating prominent billboards along major Los Angeles thoroughfares to provide a launch for the first Urban Air prototypes.

Urban Air aims to have many of these billboard gardens all over Los Angeles freeways by the new year. But they don't want to stop there! Pending a successful launch they hope to pursue a greener future by transforming billboards in cities around the globe.

For more information on the Urban Air project visit their kickstarter page!

~ James
Garden Media Group


Christmas Snow said...

Hey, where are the roots? Is it real plants we're talking about?

kmdubow said...

Christmas Snow- this is just a project in theory, check out the link to the video, it's a pretty cool idea!