Monday, October 29, 2012

Tips for Creating a Lasting Winter Container

Have you picked up the Nov/Dec issue of Horticulture magazine yet?  The cover features a stunning photo of Lantana Luscious Berry Blend that is a bright spot in this dreary weather.

Especially exciting is the story on Winter Containers on pg 80.  Experts from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and Garden Media offer tips on creating a lasting and stunning winter container mix.  The secret: It's all about the right plants in the right pots in the right spots!

Tips for Picking the Right Plants:
  • Chose plants that are hardy to at least two zones colder than your USDA Zone
  • Combine conifers, evergreens and grasses for a lasting look
Photos by The Personal Garden Coach, Christina Salwitz
Tips for Choosing the Right Containers:
  • The larger the better
  • Pick a non-porous material such as fiberglass, metal or stone
  • Make sure you have drainage holes
Tips for Placing Containers in the Right Spot:
  • Pick a sunny, wind free spot
  • The north facing side of your home is an ideal location

Pick up the latest issue of Horticulture to read more, and if you have a beautiful winter container photo to share- post it to our facebook page!

Thanks to Christina Salwitz for her beautiful winter container photos. 


Unknown said...

Bravo! Katie on your by-lined article!

Live In Carer Jobs said...

These are pretty important tips for me, because I usually forget to check drainage holes whenever I choose containers also it is very important to keep the containers in the right place.

Landscape Design Houston said...

Great tips!

kmdubow said...

Thanks for the comments! Some of the tips may seem simple but following them means success for your plants. And boy will we need these tips tonight in the North East! Brr!

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