Friday, October 19, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Now That's Sweet!

Did you know that Sweetest Day is right around the corner? Of course you did. If not, and you're wondering what is Sweetest Day, google it.

Looking for a sweet gift for Sweetest Day? Are the 'message in a bottle' or matching underwear gifts just not what you had in mind?  Look no further. Here are a few sweet gifts that are conscientious products from The Growers Exchange, an online nursery whose name has become synonymous with Fair Trade, ethical goods.

For the Writer...writers love a journal to jot down story ideas and musings. These beautiful, handmade patterned hardcover journals ($19.95) are crafted by artisan communities in India. When purchased, a living wage is supplied to keep art in bloom. What writer wouldn't be thrilled to receive a journal already drenched in the creative process.
To help spur literary juices, the Sachet by the Yard ($19.95) offers inspiring scents of lavender or eucalyptus. These full display soothing sachets are hand-crafted by a family in Sonoma Valley and will certainly provide a calming and
inspiring writing environment.

For the Chef... Foodies love all things food, from preparation to consumption. Why not look great while adding a natural, herbal twist to everyday dishes. The Spring Retro Apron ($29.95), crafted by artists in Bali, is 100% Batik cotton. The mixture of patterns result is a shabby-chic apron that's functional and fashionable! This apron will become part of your in-the-kitchen
necessities and endure years of spillage and spattering.  No chef can be without their favorite seasonings and the Salt Sisters Seasoning ($6.95)  is no exception. A wonderful combination of sea salt and Tuscan flavors provides a delicious, Italian-inspired kick to your cooking creations. And good for you too!

For your Zen...Breathe in, breathe out.  We all know the importance of relaxing in everyday life. Relaxation and meditation bring clarity, peacefulness and mindfulness.  Share the power of relaxation with these ethical Fair Trade soothers. The Krishna Mobile ($69.95), a product of India, is a gift for your eyes, ears and soul. Made of recycled glass and metal, this mobile will lift your spirit with the melody of chimes...sit back, relax and get your Zen on!  And for added relaxation, Herbal Bath Salts, Enriched Herbal Soaps and Herbal Lotion ($8.95-$14.95) will sooth your mind and body. Inspired by the French countryside, these fragrant products are sure to be a hit for the Sweetie in your life.

This Sweetest Day, say no to silly gifts and yes to equitable and sustainable Fair Trade products. Now that's sweet!

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Your designs are so beautiful. I like the material you have used. And yes they are so good for gifts. Your all the products has very attractive color combination.

Garden Media Group said...

Thanks for your comments!