Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sterling International Celebrates Thirty Years

Congratulations to our client Sterling International, makers of RESCUE! Pest Control Products, on celebrating thirty years in business!

Thirty years ago, long before “green” was trendy, the founder and president of Sterling International, Rod Schneidmiller, was tinkering in his kitchen with an all natural solution to trap flies. He got it right - and RESCUE! ® Pest Control was born.

“I come from a long line of entrepreneurs in the landscaping and growing industry. All that we’ve accomplished is a reflection and continuation of our family heritage that has shaped my values and vision for this company,” says Schneidmiller.

According to Schneidmiller, the company hasn’t veered away from the original intent forged thirty years ago: to design, manufacture and market the safest and most effective pest control solutions available. He’s pleased the company’s founding mission of ‘making pest control smarter’ is shaping the future - today.

Looking ahead, Schneidmiller foresees that bio-pesticides will continue to grow in popularity as consumers realize the potential dangers that conventional pesticides pose to the environment. “Bio-pesticides are a growing trend and we’re definitely in a growth market.”

He points out that RESCUE!’ s approach uses a non-toxic mode of action to lure targeted insects into a scientifically designed trap that eliminates the need to use potentially harmful chemicals.

All RESCUE! ® traps are recognized around the world as reliable and environmentally safe insect control solutions that will not harm beneficial bugs, people, pets or plants.

To learn more about Sterling and their line of products, visit or follow RESCUE! ® on Facebook.

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Outdoor Kitchen said...

Congratulations to your client! May they keep doing "green" things and creating green products to protect humans and the environment.

Garden Media Group said...

Thank you Outdoor Kitchen! Agreed! We all must do our part!

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