Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Garden Check-up

I was so happy with my container garden this year. Lusty looking, bountiful flowers perched on willowy stems framed by lush green foliage all cobbled together against a faded picket fence.

My perfect garden. Before the record setting high temperatures hit for weeks on end, my plants were thriving and showing off their glorious colors. 
But the sustained temperatures of high 90's and 100's followed by sporadic downpours that blasted my flowers like a power washer were problematic.

This morning as I went out to check on their status, I was sickened by the "sign" ... yellowing leaves and that acrid, pungent tell-tale smell of pending plant annihilation.

My white spider flower was in trouble.

I panicked. I reached into the belly of the beast of soupy potting soil too saturated to maintain its boundaries. Even though the container had drain holes, I had fallen into the trap of overwatering during this monstrous heatwave.

I went into resuscitation mode of repotting and coaxing my beautiful white spider flower to survive my watering debacle. Will she make it? Only time will tell.

My attention shifted to the dazzling berry colored Lantana that has dropped flowers, withering under the relentless heat and blistering sun. And the new Geranium hybrid has yet to put out her violet-blue blooms. Is she unhappy in her spot?  I considered moving her from her companions and giving her breathing room.

Happiest of all is a new eastern wood fern that's forming a tidy clump and should be tolerant of drought conditions. We'll see.

Avoid the pratfalls of "mothering" nature with a bit too much love and don't over-water! Or underwater.Or put too many plants in one large container that need breathing room and are competing for their piece of turf.

Let me know how your plants are handling this scorching heat. Losing veggies or flowering plants? Or are your plants thriving and you'd like to share a tip, photo and success story? Are you planting more drought-tolerant plants? We'd love to hear from you!

Meanwhile, enjoy your garden and send some positive thoughts my way for ALL my beauties to make it!
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