Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food trends for the future

Here at the Garden Media Group we're always on the hunt for upcoming garden/green living trends.

Recently, posted an interesting article projecting food trends for 2020. The projections come from Spain from a group of food researchers at  azti-technalia, a marine and food technological center, tasked with developing a project to identify future food trends.

What they came up with is thought provoking and sure makes for interesting conversation! Even more so, it just may "revolutionize" the way we look at food, grow food, and "consume" food.  Self-fulfilling prophesy? You decide.

The article lists eight points; here are a few teasers in no particular order:
1. "Food telling"- (food with a message). Attractive, accessible info and transparency and more...
2."SuperSense"- Food as a multisensory experience
3."Slocal" - Quality consumption, awareness and responsibility about the impact of food consumption
4."EgoFood"-Express your identity
5."Made Simple"- KISS principle. Opting for the least time consuming choice.
6."Eater-tainment"- The food experience. Connecting emotions, needs and memorable experiences
7."Here & Now"- Facilitates lifestyles of urban dwellers who demand flexibility to optimize healthy lifestyle
8."My Health"- Personalized health.

So let us know what you think... your "takeaway".

Will these projections provoke you to take a more active stance on how food is packaged and labeled? Buy local? Grow your own veggies? Consume less?
Put down your donut and pick up an apple?

Feed us your comments. Love to spark "healthy" debate!
Photo credit: Kennett Square Farmers Market and Wiki Commons


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