Friday, April 13, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Fabulous Floral Furniture

This week is all about bringing the flowers indoors and never having to worry about them wilting. We all have an appreciation of the beauty they provide us outdoors but their life is limited once we put them in a vase.

The Floral Art Home Collection by Jennifer McGarigle is aiming to change the way we use flowers in our furnishings. Her line ranges from furniture, vases, art & accessories. There is a product for every taste.
At Floral Art we're surrounded everyday by the allure and beauty of fresh flowers. It's an experience that's inspired our signature aesthetic, clean, modern lines infused with imagination and elegance. Now, Floral Art Home brings this compelling sensibility to a new line of home furnishings -- the Floral Art Home Collection by Jennifer McGarigle. With the essence of nature reflected in each piece, we hope the Floral Art Home Collection enhances your everyday life with the radiance and enchantment that surrounds us in ours.

Check out the short video below about Jennifer and her inspiration!

How gorgeous are those chairs! You can get one in almost every flower!

Garden Media Group


Patio Designs said...

Lovely. Might look also nice on a covered patio design.

Jade Turner said...

I am a nature lover, and I think that the idea of putting flowers and other floral designs on the furniture is brilliant. I look forward to owning one of these.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Angeline said...

I like the design of the chair. The floral design made that chair an eye-catching furniture. I wonder how a table looks like if a floral design would be painted on it.

Contemporary Coffee Tables

Lena Harris said...

Floral furniture designs are totally fabulous. I hope I can find some Australian made furniture that I can put similar designs too.

asad said...

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Anna Smith said...

Such a lovely, zen, stylish piece office chairs of heaven. Success!

Mary said...

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