Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter goes out with a bang - not a whimper!

Today is technically the last day of winter, but it sure doesn't feel like it here in Pennsylvania. It was 75 degrees here today! The daffodils, forsythia and Japanese maples are in full bloom, lawns are greening up, cardinals are building nest and peepers are chirping as loudly as a full orchestra.

Spring has definitley come early for most of the United States.

And it took many garden centers by surprise. I'm hearing from people around the the country that their favorite garden center is already sold out of many plants and supplies.

We were just at Costa Farms and their new hibiscus collection, Tropic Escape, is literally flying out of the green houses. (Of course, look how gorgeous this blooms are! And this is just one of 12 varieties in the collection.)

The folks at The Growers Exchange say they are shipping herbs about three weeks earlier than normal, and orders are up - particularly for stevia, rue and comfrey, pictured here.

We're putting in a new patio (pictured here) and our contractor Jim Boyd says he is swamped, particularly for this early in the season. He wrote seven estimates on Saturday alone!

Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates, the weather holds and the green turns green this season.

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