Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hawaii - Islands of Aloha

Aloha! Last Friday night we previewed the 2012 Philadelphia Flower International Show, just days before "showtime."
As we stepped into the Convention Center, hundreds of orchids appeared cascading from a large canopy like a magnificent swan dive, all in unison, frozen in air.

Drums beating. Blue lit waterfalls pulsating over rock-like cliffs into aqua lagoons.  Dancers moving gracefully to the lyrical rhythms of Hawaiian native songs. Tropical colors popped among lush green foliage.

The world's largest "lettuce" wall. Succulents. Giant palms. Bamboo. Mandevilla.
Volcanoes. Architectural wonders.

According to The Philadelphia Horticulture Society, (PHS), "Each year, some 60 professional landscapers, florists, and horticultural and educational organizations create full-scale gardens and floral displays that delight visitors to the Philadelphia International Flower Show."

My take away? A. Must. See.

Open March 5-11. Philadelphia, PA

Images credit: Garden Media Group

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