Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have a Heart This Valentine's Day and Protect Your Yard From Pesky Animals!

Are you battling pesky animals from foraging for food, damaging your outdoor lighting and furniture, and devouring your favorite plants, flowers, shrubs and trees?  Don't get mad, take heart!
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or any day, share the love with pets and wildlife and still prevent unsightly and costly damage to your lawn and garden with humane pest control by using Spray Away motion-activated sprinklers from Havahart®.
No need to sacrifice appeal with the Spray Away design. This animal high-tech device delivers maximum protection for your yard with minimal effort and work to repel any size animal including deer, dogs, cats and squirrels.
The motion-sensor detector recognizes the animal’s heat and movement. It sprays a short burst of water up to 1000 square feet to chase unwanted animals away from your yard. No large fences. No toxic chemicals that can harm you, your pets, or the environment.
Whether you select the Spray Away or any of Havahart® other effective solutions, these powerful, caring, repellents stop unwanted animals and pets before they damage your yard and garden.
Look for the Havahart® Spray Away motion detector sprinkler and other fine eco-friendly, safe and effective animal traps at www.havahart.com.
This Valentine’s, share the love and Have a Heart!

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