Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Headed to ANLA Clinc to Feed Our Minds

One of my favorite industry events of the year is the ANLA Management Clinic sponsored by the American Nursery and Landscape managers at the top of their game. About 1,000 owners of progressive garden centers and the top companies they deal with gather in Louisville, KY for an intense week of learning, networking and seeing what’s new.

The Clinic is invigorating, it’s innovative, and it gets my juices flowing. It is one of the few conferences I attend where I actually have a hard time picking between speakers.

This year’s theme is “Feed Your Mind, Grow Your Business.” As the ANLA says, “We eat, breathe and dream of speakers who matter, creative new ways to learn, and ides that will grow your team, your business and your bottom line.”

Powerhouse speakers this year include:

Jeremy Gutsche, The TrendHunter, who is going to talk about one of my favorite subjects; how our lives are changing and how we are spending our time and money. Most importantly, he’s going to clue us in on how to get them to spend more of it on plants and flowers.

Scott Stratten, author of Un-Marketing, is going to tell us how to quit “shouting at our customers: ads, commercials, flyers” and start communicating with them, engaging them in dialogue and positioning yourself as a trusted expert.

Isn’t that what Public Relations is all about – being a trusted friend?

Scott Ginsberg, HELLO! my name is Scott. He’s my kind of guy since I have such a challenge remembering names. Scott wears a name tag 24/7! Why? Because he wants people to feel comfortable coming to him for help with computer or smartphone problems. Being a solution provider earns customers and sets you apart from your competitors.

I’m privileged again this year to be one of the Clinic Specialists. From solo presentations, Lunch and Learns to drill downs after keynote speakers and speed rounds, I feel an intensity and excitement that charges me. I’m speaking on a range of topics from branding and cause marketing to trends and trade show PR.

And our clients, American Beauties Native Plants, Campania International, Hines Growers and SoilReef™ Biochar are sponsoring "A Taste of Kentucky” hospitality suite featuring Kentucky bourbon, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kentucky Derby Pie – along with Ellen Wells’ homemade Oreo bourbon cookies.

And when I get back, I’m going to be ready to make 2012 great. In the meantime, follow the Clinic on Twitter using #ANLAClinic. It will be worth your time.

Stay tuned for updates.

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