Monday, December 05, 2011

'Tis better to give than to Receive

Isn't that how the saying goes? 

There are so many ways to give back this holiday season.  Especially since, as the American Red Cross poll reports, Americans are more committed to giving than ever.  Despite being the 3rd season affected by the economy and unemployment, more than 70% of Americans plan to give about the same amount or more than they did last year. 

Ways you can help:

 Donate. Reconnect with the true spirit of the holidays and help those in need.  Whether it's clothes you and your family have outgrown, money to a local charity or canned goods to a food bank, a charitable donations goes a long way.  Visit Just Give for information on nearly 1.8 million charities.

Add a new tradition to your holiday list: community service projects! Try distributing baked goods at a nursing home, visiting hospital patients, walking dogs at a local shelter or serving holiday meals at a soup kitchen.  It will make you and your family feel good and re-connect.  Make sure you check out the charity organizations before you start donating your time.

Buy local.
From reducing environmental impact to creating job, there are a multitude of reasons support your local retailers.  When grocery shopping or holiday shopping, it only takes a few seconds to look at the label.

Read more about going local here.  Now Go! Invest in your community!

Plant a Tree.
Restore an endangered forest, help fight climate change, improve drinking water, generate jobs; and all for $1. Plant a tree for everyone on your list.

Conscious Consuming.
And, if you still have things to check off that list, buy from companies who are also doing good!  See these 5 examples from Mashable.

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