Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday traditions: Old and new!

Ah,  the holidays are here. Many are scrambling for parking spots at shopping malls looking for last minute gifts they were sure they had already purchased. Others are attending holiday and office parties and spectacular seasonal plays, dance and music performances.

And of course, television commercials are pitching cookies and cars, jewelry and clothes.
From 'White Christmas" to "Scrooge" and "Polar Express" there's comfort in seeing classics that tug at heartstrings and remind us on the importance of giving and sharing love, kindness and good-will toward one another. And isn't that what this season is all about?

I relish timeless traditions handed down from my family and those I started with my own. From making homemade ornaments,and stringing cranberries and popcorn on the tree, to caroling and baking cookies, holiday traditions are touchstones that last, spanning generations.

I remember Dad reading "The Night Before Christmas" to us kids snuggled up around a cozy fireplace, eyes opened in wide-eyed wonder. He passed around homemade eggnog, seasoned just right with nutmeg, that made us feel so "grown up." And of course, we left Santa his cookies and milk.

This year my family is starting a new tradition, a video memoir that will be added to every year.

Around the world, there are traditions for decorating trees and baskets, festivities and food that differ a bit from nation to nation, but the warmth and cheer that seems to surround the world like a cozy blanket brings smiles to children and contentment to even the stodgiest of curmudgeons.

If you're curious about timeless traditions here's a neat site with songs, recipes and wonderful insights to holiday traditions here and around the world.

Let us know your favorite holiday traditions. Send us images- or a video- we'd love to see and share.

From all of us, to all of you, have a wonderful holiday and healthy, prosperous and happy new year!

~Lynne, GMG
photos credits to Wiki images


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We were just talking about Christmas traditions last night and how we wanted new ones. Thank you!

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