Friday, September 16, 2011

'Art in the Garden' at North Creek

Yesterday I attended North Creek's Open House. This year's theme was 'Art in the Garden.'  Needless to say it was gorgeous! Everywhere you turned there was a beautiful piece of artwork or an amazing plant that I had to immediately own. (OH...and a surprise SCARECROW at the end of the post...can you guess who it is?)

This is one time when words just will not do the event I went prepared to take pictures. Take a look for yourself. I've listed the artists below that displayed their incredible talent. Check out their won't be disappointed.

I came across this Scarecrow...and then I took a closer look!!!! WHO IS THAT??? is Steve Castorani's face on that Scarecrow!

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Starting a Garden said...

:) Hahaha this is a funny Scarecrow!