Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Year of the Experimental Gardens "TAKE 2"

Last week, I shared with you that one of the great things about working for a company that specializes in the garden/green industry is becoming aware of great products and places.

This year I went out on a limb and did some experimenting in my garden. I planted a raised garden, six Topsy Turvy® planters, a few veggie containers and even some veggies in my fish pond. Check out my post from June 29 where I shared a little about my Campania International container garden with Organic Mechanics Potting Blend and the great success I am having with my peppers and cucumbers.

Most of the plants in my 4x8 raised garden are gorgeous with lush green leaves and plenty of fruit. I used a recommended blend from my buddy, Mark Highland, the Organic Mechanic, of a 50/50 blend of top soil and Organic Mechanics Planting Blend and I added some Dynamite plant food.

The cucumber plants are lovely and are growing larger every day. Their fruit are smaller than my pinkie but they are coming along. The two tomato plants are lush and green and have several small fruit growing on them. Most of my 16 pepper plants are lush and full and look very healthy and happy. Unfortunately, a few were planted too shallow and although they have fruit on them, the leaves are spindly and don’t look healthy. Remember, this was the year of the experiment and not all experiments are successful!

I have six celery plants that are very full and lush and are waiting to see them grow. I had eight heads of romaine lettuce which we have harvested and they were delicious! We’ve just added seed for arugula, red romaine, green leaf lettuce and squash. Let’s see what happens with these!

Thanks for visiting my raised garden! Next week I will share my experience with my Topsy Turvy® planters and my attempt at hydroponics!

Tracey – GMG


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