Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Year of the Experimental Gardens, “Take 1”

One of the great things about working for a company that specializes in the garden/green industry is becoming aware of great products and places. For me, it is a year of experimenting with plants in many different mediums. This year I decided to plant a raised garden, six Topsy Turvy® planters, a few veggie containers and even some veggies in my fish pond. I was able to purchase some of the great products that I love from our clients.

My new Campania pots (love these!) are making great veggie containers. I used 100% Organic Mechanics Potting Blend and added Dynamite plant food for all my containers and my flowers and plants love it! The cucumbers I planted from seed only a few weeks ago are taking off like wild fire and look amazing with the flowers in front of the house.

I planted pepper plants in my containers much later than my raised garden and their fruit are noticeably larger than the others. I added some carrot, spinach and red romaine seeds to the containers. It’s experimental so I want to believe there is no wrong answer! Oh, there are also a few flowers and a young pink blueberry bush.

It’s funny, the first tomato that appeared was not on any of my planted plants but one that was left in the crate waiting for a spot to be planted. I just had too many plants and not enough spots so this one tomato plant was left in the little plastic pack it came in and was watered every day with the other plants and although it doesn’t have many leaves on it, it was a show off with a single handsome green fruit.

Over the next few weeks I will travel through the rest of my garden “experiments”. I hope you will check back and enjoy more of the fruit of my labor.

Tracey – GMG


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jamesrobert said...

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