Monday, June 27, 2011

Sticks & Stones & Stones & Stones...

OK, so I know that Sticks & Stones can break your bones but THIS many stones is going to kill my back!

Check out these pictures of my backyard patio garden.

Now my husband and I have been in this house for a little over a year and are thrilled to start putting our own personal touch to our wrap around flower garden. BUT...there are (or what feels like to be) MILLIONS of these little white stones EVERYWHERE!!!!

In the top picture you can see where the previous owners have not only lined the garden with a brick border but then aimlessly threw a ton of little annoying white rocks around the perimeter. Why? I have no idea. Wasn't the brick border enough?

Well, now we are trying to get all these little 'tests of my patience' up which is turning into a huge nightmare. My husband & I are continuously asking each other...WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?

I am now asking you...WHY? What was the reason? Was this the 'IN' thing to do at one time? Is there a good reason that I cannot see? Was it a 'look' they liked?

I feel like I need to come to some rational reason for all of this back-breaking work so I can calmly dig up each and every one without having my blood pressure tested every time I see a little white stone!

OH...and if any of you have an ingenious way to get rid of them PLEASE let me in on the secret!

My husband (and I) will thank you dearly...




Commonweeder said...

I agree that this is one of the oddest things I have ever seen. How frustrating.

Garden Media Group said...

You would think one border would be enough, right? I guess this is testing my strong will to rid the yard of these invaders!

Thanks for the comment!

Several flowers only here! said...

Hehehehe.should I say good luck? I think this is the time for you to shine on your backyard LOL! Seriously, time to be more patient until you get rid all of those stones.. :) Flowers Online Taken at Keukenhof

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