Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Neighbor, the Social Climber

Lovely, inspiring and early to bloom -- that is my friend June's garden. When June moved in, she was smart enough to reach out to a landscape designer to figure out what she had and what she needed to create a dream garden.

I don't have a lovely fence to drape with spring blooms -- but I do have some large containers on my deck that I can use to mimic this carefree style. Here is the long and the short of creating the same look. Pick compact climbers, such as jasmine or clematis because they can handle the potted lifestyle. Finding a fab pot is easy with graceful cast stone from Campania International (I am crazy for urns!) Don't forget a trellis and twine -- these are all the support you need. Finally, don't let your containers dry out -- keep an eye on them and water them regularly!

Kathleen at GMG.

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