Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let the Sun Parasol Shine

Last night on GardenChat we were all chatting about Sun Parasol(R) Mandevillas and how they really give you lots of bold blooms for your buck. I'm so excited to try these out this summer on my patio since they're great in hanging baskets and in containers. Who wouldn't want gorgeous blooms from spring until fall!

Thought I would share some quick tips from Costa Farms for growing these beauties:

*Mandevillas need warmth and bright light (at least six to eight hours) to grow optimally. Plus they like a really good quality soil.

*Fertilize every two to three weeks.

*Gently prune in late fall if you're in zones 10 &11. Hard pruning is not recommended especially in the spring.

*Since they thrive in warmer climates, remember to bring them indoors if you're in zones 1 through 9 for the winter.

*These plants are fast growers therefore they should be given ample room to grow when they are transplanted.

The Sun Parasol® line has nine varieties, including dark red, crimson and giant crimson. You will also find pink, cream pink, giant pink, giant white, pretty crimson and pretty pink. For more tips on these beautiful bloomers, visit CostaFarms.com.




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